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We provide the finest quality fence workmanship and fencing services to our customers.  Our Fence Installers are experienced, well trained, polite, and courteous.  Our fence materials inventories can be matched to your needs.  If we don't have it in stock, we'll work to get it for you.  Custom items can be ordered, as well.  From Residential Fencing, Commercial 
Fencing, to Farm & Ranch Fencing, let us help you with your Project.
We are the Best in The Fence Business and work to earn your business starting back in 1961.
Give us a look !  You'll be glad you did !
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An attractive and affordable option for privacy is what you have with Wood Privacy Fencing. This type of fence offers Property Owners many choices. We specialize in many material types and grades of privacy fences. From Upper Grades to Modest, we can cover most
specifications. Do you want the best fence company in the business to install your new fence in San Antonio, Texas? Give us the opportunity to earn your business. You'll be glad you did !

Ornamental Iron Fencing

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Ornamental Iron Fencing is a perfect example of beauty, security, and durability. Iron and Metal fencing, better known as Ornamental Iron fencing can be customized for a beautiful look. There are many styles to choose from. Ornamental Iron fencing is perfect for a swimming pool fence solution that meets state and local requirements as well as providing the owner with style & security. This type of fencing is also use for perimeter fencing around Subdivisions, Apartment Complexes, and Single Family Homes, where the majority of them are installed.

Chain Link Fencing

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Chain link fencing is designed for a cost-effective way to secure your property and equipment. Whether located at home, the shop, the yard, or in the country, chain link fencing could be just what you need to secure pets, keep other animals out, keep trespassers out, and keep ''honest people honest'', but can be seen through. Hot Dipped Zinc coatings give long, long life to this fencing type. If you do not need privacy, here's one good option.

Custom Fencing

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Order for your fence Project, to your own specs & we will customize it.  Treatments such as Cap & Trim, Horizontal Styles, using Screws vs Nails, Rot boards, Soldier Stack Fencing, using Lattice in different ways & styles, Oversize Gates, Embellishments, "Good Neighbor" Fencing, "Board-on-Board Fencing, "Board & Batten" Fencing, "Shadow Box" Fencing, and Spaced Picket Fencing, to name a few.  If you can think it up, design it, or show an example, we will try & design/build it.  

Specialty Fencing

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This category of Fencing includes types such as Split Rail, which is a Rustic looking product.  It is not saw-milled as are standard framing and picket lumber.  It is split with machine driven Wedges or Ax looking heads & set to minimum and maximum size.  After they are split & cut to length, the posts are drilled out to fit the rail ends.  The 3 Rail - top rail usually ends up at around 45'' with posts tops at 48".  Other specialties include pipe rail fencing for guard rails.  A closely spaced pipe can be for ditches, drop offs, drainage, ramps, parking lots, security, and entry prevention.  Another Specialty Item is Aluminum Ornamental Item from The Jerith Company and we are a Dealer for them.  Lightweight, durable yet strong, applications for this item are a Specialty to themselves.  Customers love this for the almost maintenance free aspect.  Check it out !

Combo Fencing

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Combo Fencing is a combination of distinct Fencing material types. The following are samples of Combo Fencing which we have installed and are still in common usage today. This is used when Privacy is not important, as it is see-through, but still a strong, secure fence type. Also, Wood is adapted when Privacy is key.

- Wood and Wire :
1) Wood framing with Galvanized steel stretched onto it.

2) Wood posts and framing with Galvanized Welded Wire Panels fastened onto it. Round or Square Steel Posts, can also be used.

- Steel & Wood Picket :

1) Steel Posts and Steel framing, with Wood Pickets attached to it.

2) Specialized Steel Posts with Wood Framing and Wood Pickets.

Commercial Fencing

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Commercial fences and gates provide your company with the best security. Whether your company needs a dumpster enclosure or a full heavy-duty swing gate City Fence has the best options available.

Farm and Ranch

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Functional & fit to your specs., this is fencing that blends into the countryside & just what you need to protect your livestock and equipment. Farm and Ranch fencing can be made with Welded Wire, Barbed Wire, Pipe Rail, Non-climb wire, tall horse field fence, maybe a tall pipe ranch rail, "T" Post with Sheep & Goat Wire, & so on. So, there are really very many choices to pick from for your Farm, Ranch, medium & small tracts. We specialize in small tracts, close to The City.

Very Special Custom Fencing

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This category is pretty much what it says.  Unusual looking, one-off look,
weird look - If you can show us what you want, we'll try to build it.  Customized to your specs.  Why the heck not !

Simulated Stone Fencing

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Simtek Simulated Stone fences come in many colors. Faux stone and vinyl fencing is a beautiful option that is low maintenance.
Made from extremely durable polyethylene!
The same stone look on both sides!
Steel reinforced posts and panels!
Blocks 98% of direct sound!
Withstands hurricane-force winds of 110 mph!
Fade-resistant material includes UV-12 inhibitors!
Eco-friendly - made with 25% recycled materials!
Made in the USA!